• I have attended many FRCR courses in UK, UAE and my own country. After doing your course, I realised that what a real course is like! This is truly the best course I ever attended.
    - DR Z
  • I have a comment regarding the long cases in the course. Actually, it was the most realistic in terms of cases and timing. I was in several courses and your long cases were the most representative.
    - Dr R
  • I have always hated MRI of joints especially elbow, wrist and Ankle MRI. After MSK MRI course, I went back to hospital and felt very comfortable reporting these. (Dr N)
    - DR N
  • I attended the FRCR Database course. It was a fantastic experience. The cases are amazing and really beneficial for exam review.
    - DR A
  • My Hospital was pushing me to MSK Ultrasound and I found it difficult. Your course was really useful for me. A very good revision and checklist to do real time MSK ultrasounds. Loved the practice and hands on session.
    - DR R