Tips and Tricks



1. During your internship/foundation or house job years, you want to talk to your consultants and radiology consultants that you considering radiology as career.

2. Never forget to tell you educational supervisor.

3. Get one or two taster weeks in radiology.

During your taster week:
4. Speak to training program director in radiology.

5. Speak to radiology registrars on how did they get in

6. Speak to radiology registrars and try to finish an audit - Alway select a short audit which can be complete in couple of sessions or maximum a week. Send the project to a national or international meeting. Acceptances rates for posters are quiet high and you might get surprised.

7. Fill in the application form in time. Always get counselling on how to fill application forms.

Application form can have funny questions. There is only one important rule. 

Make sure how many components the questions have and asnswer each component on its own.

Small print:
If they ask for example, always quote more than one.
Never ever make a spelling mistake.

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